Jul 30 2020

Glow Recipe Watermelon 3in1 lip balm

GLOW RECIPE is an American brand based on Korean cosmetic principles that, as in this product, combines fruit extracts with active ingredients such as acids. GLOW RECIPE LIP POP lip balm removes dead skin cells, […]
Mar 20 2020


DAMN GIRL! (those lashes are thick) Too Faced mascara looks great and powerful! Too Faced is a brand founded in 1988 in California by two former employees of the cosmetics giant Estée Lauder, wanting to […]
Dec 22 2019

My 5 favorite shades of Chanel nail polish

Chanel nail polishes, as well as all their products, are a concept of luxury and quality. I have always preferred darker shades, both in winter and summer. My favorite is Chanel’s cult nail polish Rouge […]
Dec 17 2019

ARMANI Luminous Silk Foundation & Maestro UV Primer

Properly selected liquid powder, as well as the appropriate foundation are the basis of good make-up. Liquid powder is a product worth investing a little more money in because nothing will spoil the overall look […]
Dec 16 2019

A favorite pencil from childhood contours the eyebrows

The trend of contouring the face, body and hair has moved to the eyebrows, the arrangement and definition of which has experienced a real boom in recent years, it seems to me especially among younger […]
Dec 13 2019

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir – oil with gold particles

I decided to buy Farsali Rose Gold Elixir abroad at the French Sephora point of sale, motivated by constant Instagram bombardment and listing the elixir as a secret weapon and a must have product of […]
Dec 10 2019

Benefit KA-BROW! tinted gel eyebrow cream

Benfit KA-BROW! gel eyebrow cream in color with a brush in the lid for easy application is an excellent and above all practical product. The small silver packaging contains everything needed to shape the eyebrows […]